“Like a plastic surgeon for words.”

As an author and professional, my copyeditor needs to be much more than a human spell-and-grammar check. Where Kristen excels is in her ability to understand my style and work within that, so that the voice of the creator is never lost or marred, even if that means breaking the standard rules from time to time. She’s like a plastic surgeon for words—she nips and tucks and elevates the language, but it’s still me.

— Feet Banks, Editor, Mountain Life Magazine

“You are very talented.”

Thanks so much for all your contributions to Tourism Whistler and specifically the website. You are very talented and a real pleasure to work with.

— Kirsten Homeniuk, Vice President Marketing, Tourism Whistler

"Perfect. Spot on. Read my mind. Brilliant."

— Christine Sharkey, Food & Beverage Coordinator, Fairmont Chateau Whistler

“Kristen was incredibly helpful!”

Kristen was recommended to me by my web designer. I was creating a new website for my real estate business and needed help with improving web copy. Kristen was incredibly helpful! She could listen to me describe what I wanted to convey to my customers in different areas of my website and come up with terrific content. I now rely on Kristen for help in all areas of my business including marketing and advertising. I would strongly recommend her!

— Dave Brown Personal Real Estate

“Excellent writing skills.”

Kristen has a great combination of SEO skills, HTML knowledge, and of course excellent writing skills.

— Tim Bonnell, Senior Manager Web & IT, Tourism Whistler

“A highly skilled copywriter / editor.”

Kristen was an absolute pleasure to work with; a true professional. I knew I could count on Kristen to get the job done right, every time. Her flexibility, upbeat and positive attitude was like a ray of sunshine, without fail. Her attention to detail was unwavering but never got in the way of her ability to follow client direction. I highly recommend Kristen to anyone looking for a highly skilled copy writer / editor to take your projects to the next level of quality. 

— Andrea Robson, Marketing Manager, Whiski Jack Resorts Whistler

“You are truly gifted at what you do!”

Working with you has been amazing. Your ideas are totally inspiring me and I am learning at a rapid rate. Plus, we also get to laugh! Now I know why authors always give their biggest thank yous and acknowledgements to their editors. Thanks so much and know that you are truly gifted at what you do!

— Marjie Martini, Author, In Search of Cap'n Tim

“You nailed it!

— Erin Anderson, Principle, Live Big Co.

“Your expertise is evident every step of the way.”

Thank you so much for the work you've done on my website. Your expertise is evident every step of the way. I didn’t give you much direction, but you sure knew exactly what I needed done! I appreciate your time and attention to every detail. I will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for stellar web assistance! It was great to work with you and I look forward to crossing paths again soon!

— Caronne Marino, Owner / Operator, Baby's On The Go

"I want to compliment you on your writing style."

Kristen, I want to compliment you on your writing style. I wrote the original copy and it is great for me to see where and how you adjusted it. Great for learning!

 — Lisa Lefroy, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, whistler.com

"What a brain to pick out such things."

Wow, that was awesome. You are so good. What a brain to pick out such things.

— Sherry Hilliard, Whistler Photo Safaris Ltd.

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